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Business Law, Commercial Litigation & Contracts

Experienced Litigation Representation

Any individual or business can become involved in litigation, more commonly referred to as a lawsuit, for a variety of reasons. The subject of the litigation may be the purchase or sale of goods or real estate. It may be the enforcement or breach of a contract, property damage, default under a mortgage or note, or one of many other subjects.

At Richman & Richman LLC, we are experienced in all forms of litigation and prepared to defend our clients or enforce their interests. We understand the financial and emotional stress of litigation and assist our clients in objectively evaluating their claims or defenses, budgeting the costs of litigation and forming strategies for achieving successful results, whether through litigation, negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Knowledgeable Business Law Attorneys Serving Madison

Operating a business has never been more complex. From the bewildering array of government regulations that extend from the local city and county level to federal laws and regulations, simply knowing the right thing to do has never been more difficult. At Richman & Richman LLC, our Wisconsin business lawyers understand this. We work with a broad range of businesses, from individuals just starting out to multimillion-dollar corporations with hundreds of employees. We provide experienced, knowledgeable business planning, operations and litigation counsel that is always mindful of the importance of being cost-effective and efficient.

Guidance And Counsel

Our business law practice is focused on our clients’ success. Every business and every legal situation are unique. Our highly skilled and experienced attorneys assist clients with the myriad of details their operations encounter daily, working to sustain their businesses with legal counsel that solves tactical needs while protecting long-term strategic goals. A valuable benefit our clients receive when working with us is the awareness of where things can go wrong with a business.

Representation For More Than A Transaction

Our firm has hundreds of years of combined experience working with clients involved in bankruptcy proceedings. We have collectively spent thousands of hours examining the financial and operational details of businesses that have become distressed or insolvent.

This background informs a great many aspects of the counsel we provide to businesses. The meticulous deconstruction of a business during a bankruptcy has taught us where danger lies.

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